Briarcliff Nursery School, established in 1947, is a parent-cooperative preschool located on a beautiful two acre property.

timewatch the hidden children dvdrip xvid mp3 - wna

timewatch: the hidden children dvdrip xvid - wna
english | avi | mpeg4 | 608x352 | 00:48:59 | 29. 970 fps 1142 kbps | mp3 128 kbps 48 khz | 400mb
genre: documentary

april 25, 2007 - from 1942 the vichy authorities willingly collaborated with the germans to round up jews in france. By 1945 some 76,000 had been deported and sent to concentration camps. Told in their own words, these are the moving stories of four children secretly hidden from the nazis. Directed by the award-winning jonathan hacker and narrated by michael praed, timewatch: the hidden children airs on friday, 27 april 2007 at 9. Clipwrap 2 mac 00 pm on bbc2


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smith micro poser pro v. 9. 0 (2012/mac)

smith micro poser pro v. 9. 0 (2012/mac) | 4,8 gb

poser pro 2012 is the fastest way for professional artists and production teams to add pre-rigged and fully textured 3d characters to their projects. With over 3gb of included content libraries and richly varied third party poser content, poser pro 2012 is the perfect link between professional production tools and ready to use 3d character assets, saving development time and resources.

poser pro 2012 includes intuitive posing, animation, and rigging tools all designed to make working with 3d character content as easy as possible. Poser pro 2012 provides a node-based material system, dynamic hair, dynamic cloth, morph creation brushes and facial photo matching tools automatic tools lipsync phonemes with imported sound files and create walk and run animation cycles. Poser pro renders video or still images in photo-real or sketch styles. Included are an updated set of poserfusion hosting plug-ins to integrate posed or animated poser characters and scenes into 3ds max, maya, and cinema 4d and lightwave. Import/export collada content for 3d figure interchange between game engines and other 2d and 3d tools such as photoshop, softimage and sketchup

poser pro 2012 is optimized for 32/64 bit and multi-core systems, better utilizing system memory and multiple threads to improve overall performance and reduce rendering times, with background rendering so you can continue working on other projects. Poser pro's opengl support takes advantage of graphics cad hardware to provide realistic lighting, shadows and color. Poser pro 2012's queue manager lets you distribute and manage renderings across a network render queue of cross platform systems.

poser pro 2012 supports hdri output to produce images with full range of shadow, color, contrast and highlight intensities. With gamma correction, specify gamma values for textures and exported images for linear rendering with increased luminance accuracy. Poser pro 2012's improved firefly render engine now supports indirect lighting with irradiance caching for global illumination effects and even supports rendering with ambient occlusion. New shader nodes enable subsurface scattering for luminescent skin tones, fastscattering for bioluminescent effects and a tri-specular hair shader for more appealing trans-mapped hair highlights. Poser's physically correct light fall-off produces more photo-real final renderings. Normal mapping adds the appearance of complexity and surface detail to 3d objects without increasing geometry. Render out psd layers for improved compositing, share final content via facebook.

poser pro 2012 includes advanced weight map rig support enabling vertex by vertex fine painting of joint bends and bulges, to generate better performing 3d characters that can be more easily posed with natural joints across the body. Hybrid rigging supports both traditional poser sphere and capsule zones to be used in combination. Poser pro also supports both traditional grouped body part figures and single mesh figures. Weight map support for third party figures is delivered within our native poser file format, the pz3, an open, well documented format that has been at the heart of the creative poser community for over 15 years.

poser pro 2012 is designed with poser character creators in mind and includes a suite of weight map editing tools including weight auto-transfer to permit the creation of new weight mapped figures from an existing rig, generation of new weight maps from existing poser zones, pressure sensitive painting of weight maps and interactive color display of affected vertices. Another advance in poser is the ability set-up both traditional zones and weight maps to affect body parts beyond the parent or child of the selected actor, enabling complex figures such as winged figures that need to interact with multiple bodyparts simultaneously. Once you've created weight mapped figures using poser pro, they can be fully integrated into poser 9 or any of the third hosting apps supported by poserfusion.

other new features include multi-select drag and drop from poser's library, expanded context menus for better workflow, new camera modes to focus on your selected area, pressure sensitive tablet support in the morph brush and weight map painting tools,. Improved content management system with drag and drop, auto conforming, search, meta data support, zone strength display for figure rigging, parameter change indicator and the recent render palette.

whether used a standalone character animation system, or as a critical tool in your existing production pipeline, poser pro 2012 is the most efficient way for game designers, 3d artists, professional illustrators, animators and graphics production teams to add 3d character animation content to any project.

new in smith micro poser pro 2012:
- real-time opengl scene preview
- subsurface scattering
- rendering performance improvements
- weight map rigging
- vertex weight map auto transfer
- weight map creation tools
- grouping objects
- expanded context menus
- full scene category in library
- multi-select drag and drop library support
- morphing tool tablet support
- constraint channels and constraint objects
- light emitting objects
- frame selected object
- orbit selected object mode
- faster dynamic hair
- pre-render texture caching
- python 2. 7 support
- improved collada support
- background rendering
- high dynamic range image hdri export
- gamma correction / linear rendering

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va - trance in motion vol. 68

va - trance in motion vol. 68 | 211 mb
label: 133bpm rec. | genre: trance, vocal trance, progressive
lenght: 92:09 | encoder: lame 3. 98 | quality: 320 kbps
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01. Marco v - godd (booty mix)
02. 4 strings feat. Ellie lawson -safe from harm (extended mix)
03. Shipstad & warren - eighty seven years (original mix)
04. Markus schulz - rain (extended mix)
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11. Fast distance feat. Solnce - come with me (original mix)
12. Walsh & mcauley feat. Antonia lucas - i'm only human (original mix)
13. Walsh & mcauley - aestas
14. Sied van riel & gert huinink - sunrise (original mix)
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spy hunter pc portable

spy hunter pc portable

spy hunter pc portable[/center]
english | pc game | developer: fluent | 168. 70 mb
genre: mission-based driving

the game s story plays out like an unmade james bond movie pitting you--the lone superspy--against an evil organization known as the nostra which is conspiring to drain the planet of its power. Taking to the road in the g-6155 interceptor you ll travel around the world to such foreign locales as the canals of venice the autobahns of germany and the panama canal. The core mechanics of the classic 2d spy hunter remain intact. That is you can drive down stretches of road or water and blow up any enemy vehicles that cross your path.
aside from the smoke screen oil slick missiles and front-mounted guns--all found in the original--defensive flamethrowers and even more exotic weaponry including an electromagnetic pulse cannon equip your supercar. The interceptor is also a versatile vehicle able to transform from car to boat and back again. This is good because you ll find yourself going back and forth between the two forms in many of the levels. If your vehicle takes enough damage it sheds the majority of its weight to reveal a slimmed-down motorcycle or jet ski depending on the environment.
though previous versions of spy hunter have featured tight responsive controls in all of the interceptor s forms such is not the case in the pc version
when on land the interceptor has trouble sticking to the road and it seems to drift too much when rounding corners. Overall it just feels loose. The same issues apply when you re on the water so that when in boat form the interceptor also has a nasty habit of wobbling from left to right on its own accord. There are also some low-level issues with the physics in spy hunter. Rubbing another car up against a railing will occasionally cause the other car to magically appear on the other side of you. Catching a bad edge when landing from a jump can cause your vehicle to launch high up into the air and a forceful collision will sometimes cause the controls to temporarily run in reverse. Granted these are all patchable issues but they re issues that simply should not exist in a retail boxed product.

system requirements
windows 2000/xp
pentium iii 800mhz processor
256mb ram
directx 8. 1
8mb directx compatible 3d accelerated video card
700mb hard disk space
4x cd-rom drive


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Winner of the 2012 Pleasantville-Briarcliff Manor Patch "Best Nursery School" Vote!      


ENROLLING NOW  for 2013-2014 

Call 914-941-4373 
to make an appointment to visit a class in session



We offer classes for two, three, and four year olds, Mommy/Daddy & Me and a summer program.

"Mommy, of all the teachers in all the schools I've been in, do you know who my favorite was? My preschool teachers. Because, they would put out fun things to play with, but it was like science stuff and things. And we would be like, LEARNING while we were playing! The whole time! Isn't that cool? And you know what else? They taught us about friendship too. I loved them."
Katie L., former BNS student now in elementary school.

 Briarcliff Nursery School - P.O. Box 28 Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510 (mailing address)
 40 Morningside Drive Ossining, NY 10562 (street address) - (914) 941-4373

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